Seventy Two

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One hell of an interview is online! 

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For those of you who know us, you know that we spend quite a bit of time on Behance in search of inspiration. It allows us to discover some incredible designers and their work. And that is exactly what we did a few weeks ago, when we found the creations of an illustrator / designer who have caught our attention instantly. Her name is Kath, and she’s operating under the name of Seventy Two Design. So Seventy Two Design, who’ll be the focus of this weeks interview. You’ll meet a girl that loves muscle cars, typography, and Apple… What a mix! So don’t waste more time and jump in and read the interview!




Old Story, New Ending series by Seventy Two / illustration and design

Out of all the Disney Princess interpretations. I think this is by far the coolest one I’ve seen.

Thanks! :D

P.S. here is the video for those who wanna see the process work: vimeo: or youtube: